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employment JOIN OUR TEAM


Page 1 of 6 Join our team
We’re often on the lookout for qualified and motivated people to join the Land Transport team. We’re interested in hearing from you if you’re keen to develop a career in the transport industry. Please complete the following Employment Application to register your interest.
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First name*  Last name* 
Phone*  Mobile  
Email*   Date of birth  
Area of interest*   Truck Driver / Yard Worker / Office Preferred postcode*  

Page 2 of 6 Previous Employment (past 5 years)
Employer*  Contact* 
Phone*  Email  
Dates of employment (month / year)* to
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Phone   Email  
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Page 3 of 6 Referees (please provide two work related referees)
Referee 1   Name*   Work phone*  
Referee 2   Name   Work phone  

Page 4 of 6 Licences
Only fill out this section if you are applying for a Truck Driver position.
State held*   Class of licence*   Licence number*  
Expiry date*  
Forklift ticket   Ticket number   Expiry date  
Dangerous Goods   Ticket number   Expiry date  
Other   Ticket number   Expiry date  

Page 5 of 6 Medical
Have you had a medical examination in the past 12 months?*  Yes   No  

If No, are you prepared to undergo a medical examination?   Yes   No  

Page 6 of 6 Statement of attainment
Do you hold a statement of attainment for Basic Fatigue Management (BFM)?*  Yes   No  
Additional Information
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