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about us OUR TEAM

Our Team

Debby and Robert
Australia Wide

Debby, is our director, Barry Land's Secretary. Debby oversees administration Australia Wide

Robert, is our National Transport Manager. Robert is responsible for operations support Australia wide.

Australia Wide

Our sales team is headed by Andrew, with the support of Rod and Phillip all have a vast and diverse knowledge of the transport industry and our business.

They will be pleased to assist you with all your sales enquiries.

Enquiries may be made through our website by using the Request for Quote form, alternatively feel free to ring any of our depots.


Land Transport's Debtors are managed by Robyn who has 24 years experience with our company. Robyn is assisted by her Second in Charge Carol, Carol has been with the company for 9 years.

Robyn & Carol are supported by Evelyn, Jane, and Erin

Land and LSD Creditors

Land Transport's Creditors is managed by Debby's Personal Assistant Karen. Karen is responsible for managing Land Transport's suppliers and sub-contractors. Karen is assisted by Eileen.

 Land Storage and Distribution's storage and accounts, are maintained by Lindsey. Lindsey is assisted by Kate. 


Freightrite Transport's administration and accounts are managed by our Brisbane depot team. 

They are responsible for all administration enquiries regarding debtors.

Freightrite Transport's creditors are managed by Bree.  

Land Transport's Compliance is a complex area of our business and employs a number of highly skilled and dedicated people to maintain this section of our business. This team is responsible for ensuring all compliance related issues are maintained for the fleet and our properties.
Our friendly receptionist Bree is the first person you will meet on arrival at Land Transport’s head office in Toowoomba. Bree is always willing to assist both customers and other staff. Bree will guide you to the correct person for you enquiries.

Brisbane Barry Land Director, Gary Smith -  Freightrite Transport Supported By Randy, Kelly, Lisa and Alex.

Townsville Barry Parker, Manager of Freightrite Transport.

Toowoomba  Nathan Land assisted by head office administration.

Adelaide Tiny (Kerry Betts) assisted by Kerry with the company for over 28 years

Dubbo Will supported by Julie & Keleigh

Melbourne Ben Land supported by Karlie

Mildura Graham supported by Kaye

Moree Michael supported by Colleen 

Perth Steve supported by Hannah

Tamworth Graham  supported by Natalie

Wagga Wagga Maxine