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about us OUR STORY

Our Story

Operating since 1984, Land Transport carries a wide variety of general freight throughout Australia. Land Transport has various trailer types for all your freight needs to ensure load security and safety.

It all started when Trevor Young and Barry Land decided to “have a go” and each purchased a truck which they individually worked forming Young and Land Transport.

In February 2008 after many successful years Trevor and Shirley Young decided to turn their last wheels. Barry Land decided he was not finished with the industry which has become his life’s work and is still in the chair every day running this finely tuned operation.

The company’s late model equipment is maintained in Land Transport’s own modern workshop in Toowoomba. All vehicles and equipment are on a maintenance schedule as part of the NHVAS accreditation, ensuring that the fleet is operating at maximum performance at all times. The company is continually updating the equipment in order to provide the best possible service to all clients.

Land Transport’s head office is located in Toowoomba, Queensland. Land Transport has depots and agents throughout Australia. All depot staff is fully trained and conversant with all aspects of transport and willing to assist with customer’s needs.

With the purchase of Freightrite Transport in August 2007 the company is now able to offer regular services to North Queensland. Land and Freightrite Transport are capable of providing deliveries to most towns Australia wide.

Land Transport is Truck Safe accredited, a National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) member and Basic Fatigue Management accredited. As part of these accreditations it is a requirement to ensure that all staff and equipment are at a high standard at all times, this is managed by the companies own staff internally.

Being in the transport business is more than a job for Barry and Raewyn, it is a way of life – growing up, their children were as much a part of the business as their staff. Today they are proud to have their sons as part of the growing Land Transport team. They have built a strong team of more than 120 staff and operate a fleet of over 150 vehicles.

The Land family enjoys what they do and recognise the importance of timely and professional service to all their clients. Land Transport is committed to providing this service now and well into the future.

Barry & Raewyn Land

                                                          MISSION  STATEMENT

                                   To deliver excellence and exceed expectations in 

                   Transport, Storage & Logistics Management across this amazing country.